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Phase I-IV Trial Participation

PPR specializes in Phase I-IV clinical research trials

Phase I

Involves a small group (25-75) of healthy volunteers and looks at how an investigational new drug affects the healthy volunteers. The main purpose of this Phase is to evaluate and collect drug safety data

Phase II

Involves larger groups (100-500) of volunteers and the main purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of the investigational drug in treating a particular condition.

Phase III

Involves much larger groups (1000-5000) of volunteers. In this phase data is collected on efficacy and safety while comparing to treatments already available.

Phase IV

Involves very large groups of volunteers. In this phase the drug may be FDA approved and further data is collected on efficacy and long-term safety usage is evaluated. This phase may also involve comparisons to other commonly used treatments.

What To Expect From Us

Initial Interest and Registration

Questions? Ask away.. Give us a call, email or text. If you would like to register for a current study (link) or to be placed in our database for future studies (link to registration form) click here and complete a short questionnaire then await our emails or calls

Phone Screening

Great! Now that we know that you are still interested, we have a few questions for you

Book an Appointment

Now that you’re happy and we are happy, lets make it official and book a screening
visit. We would need 1-2 hours of your time depending on the study

Screening Visits

If you pre-qualify for one of our paid clinical trials based on your initial conversation with our coordinators, you’ll be invited to come in for a screening visit. There, you will be provided a document with study information and our Screening staff will fully inform you about the study. You will have a chance to meet our doctor and see if he is a good match for you. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and your participation is completely voluntary. The door is always open and you are free to leave at any time, honest! If you sign a written consent form, we will perform a few tests to confirm your eligibility for the study you signed up for, based on that study’s specific requirements. Please be sure to bring a list of any medicines that you are taking an some sort of identification.

Examples of tests that may be performed are:

  • Vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature)

  • Height and weight

  • Blood draw

  • Urine sampling

  • ECG (check for any abnormalities with your heart)

  • Physical performed by a doctor

You will receive your test results once they are final (typically within 3-5 business days; however, some lab results may take up to 2 weeks). If your lab results confirm eligibility, you’ll be invited back to our facility to take part in a follow-up visit.

Eligibility Notification/ Randomization:

We may not always be a perfect match for each other. If you qualify to begin this study, fantastic! If not, we always have other studies that you may qualify for. “It’s not you, it’s me.” You may receive medication to begin taking today or we may provide the medication for you to begin at a later time. Your coordinator will let you know.

Follow-Up Visits

We are very interested in knowing how you’re doing, so don’t be a stranger. If you have needed to take any additional meds, or if you have had any new symptoms of medical visits since we last saw you, we will ask for details about them all. If you were given a diary before, please bring the diary and all medication packs (used and unused) with you. During the follow-up visits, you may be administered medication, and tests will be re-performed to see how your body is reacting. Follow-up visits are usually short check- ups conducted at our facility or some may require that you check-in with us periodically over the phone. Follow-up visits may occur anywhere between a few days or a few months after you have completed your screening visit.

Study Completion

Alright, we are done! We hope that we have helped to improve your quality of life. Of course, we will remain friends…best friends. We will call or email when we think you may qualify for another study, unless you ask us not to.


Seem like I’m forgetting something. Oh, that’s right…we know that you may be doingthis for the benefit of humanity, but it’s only fair that we compensate you for your precious time. For most studies, you will be compensated after each visit, but for very short studies, you may be compensated at the end of the study. We will let you know at the screening visit when you will be compensated and the amount of compensation. It is our way of saying thank you!

Additional Benefits

We know that helping PPR in its mission to advance global health is rewarding enough for our volunteers, but there are additional benefits to participating in clinical research

  • To make a difference, by contributing to the development of new medications

  • To help improve the lives of others

  • To help improve their own condition

  • To gain access to treatment that would not be available otherwise

  • To receive a comprehensive health exam at no-cost

  • To receive an affordable (no-cost) treatment for their health condition

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